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There are village stations, small-town stations, university stations, subcultural and religious stations. 09, 20:35 I'm confused. Programming times can not be sold to third parties and broadcasting to other stations is prohibited (going against the idea of a " community radio. In times of peace and democracy the miners' radio stations were integrated into the daily life of the community, becoming an effective replacement for telephone and postal service. A b "cbaa Strategic Plan 2008/11".

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They are broadcasting altogether 120 hours program per day on information, education, local entertainment and development motivation activities. Because; Bangladesh Government has already acknowledged the importance of community radio and announced the Community Radio Installation, Broadcast Operation Policy. Solomon Islands edit The Solomon Islands have a number of community FM radio stations established under a United Nations Development Programme in Isabel Province. Pro Review kannst du dort einen neuen. Dublin has the largest number of stations, and there are significant clusters in north and west Connaught and mid- Munster. Dunifer (eds.) Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook Girard, Bruce (ed). Receipt of material by mcit and handing over to WDF for installation: June 2015 Installation Commissioning at seven sites by WDF and handing over to mcit: to 5 September 2015 Training of Officers/operational staff: 21 September 2015 to 25 September. Radio Sagarmatha is in the front lines of the fights for freedom of expression and the right to information of Nepalese citizens.

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Limited Input Mode - Mehr als 1000 ungeprfte bersetzungen! "A History of Bolivian Radio". 17, 08:28 Hmm das hat mich letztens mal ganz schn verwirrt als ich was von 300 Billions hrts was sie 10 Antworten tn - Billion Letzter Beitrag: 03 Nov. The Empowering Local Radio with ICTs 47 project strengthened the reporting capacities of 59 local radio stations from 2012 to 2018. Retrieved 1 maint: multiple names: authors list ( link ) "Our Story - ncra". Programmes are produced by students as well as community. One emphasizes service and community-mindedness, focusing on what the station can do for the community. Community access is an important part of programming. India edit In India the campaign to legitimise community radio began in the mid-1990s, soon after the Supreme Court of India ruled in its judgment of February 1995 that "airwaves are public property". Community Radio becomes the instrument for the livelihood battle of the rural people.

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The Community Radio Forum, India, was registered as a Society and Trust on 26 February 2008. Was mus 2 Antworten Rechnung auf Postfachadresse ausstellen? Vorschlge im, contribute-Bereich berprfst. In January 2012, there were 359 licensed community radio stations (including remote indigenous services). Grammatik Vertiefen Sie sich in die englische und deutsche Grammatik von LEO - mit tausenden Beispielen! The Broadcasting Act 2009 provided a legal definition of community radio, which previously had been determined by the Community Radio Policy of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (now the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland ). Retrieved August 6, 2015.

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News programmes are banned on community radio in India (as they are on commercial FM radio). Notable early community broadcasters included Bush Radio in Cape Town and Radio Unitra in Umtata. By 2014 there were 4641 broadcasters, 47 of all radios, being twice the commercial educational FM and the triple of medium-wave broadcasters. There are 24 licensed stations in Ireland. Community stations are distinct from NPR stations in that most community-radio programming is locally produced by non-professional disc jockeys and producers, whereas traditional public stations rely on programming from NPR and other outlets (such as PRI ). CRA Members are also part of the Technical committee for Community Radio Support Scheme (crss) and their suggestions and inputs have been considered valuable. However, the government has clarified that certain categories of news are permitted on radio, including sports news and commentaries, information on traffic and weather conditions, coverage of cultural events and festivals, information on academic events, public announcements pertaining. Many community stations are licensed as full-power FM stations, while others, particularly those founded after 2005, are licensed under low-power broadcasting rules. The licence entitles them to operate a 100-watt (Effective Radiated Power) radio station, with a coverage area of approximately a 12-km radius.

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Projeto Mdia Cidad e Desenvolvimento Sustentvel. The rule of law, gender equality, education, health, civics, anti-corruption initiatives, good governance, the environment and day-to-day problems and issues are examined in a different format by the local community radio stations. Before 1994 radio broadcasting was the exclusive domain of Radio Nepal, the state broadcaster established during the early 1950s. Community broadcasting stations have a strong commitment to local news and information, the promotion of local and national music, arts and culture and providing training in media skills. Since CRA is a member-based organisation, all its members have been running community radio stations, in diverse regions and dialects, together they bring to the table a mine of resources and experience. Orthographisch hnliche Wrter, brechung, aus dem Umfeld der Suche, abrechnung, Errechnung, Berechnung, Etikett, Faktur, Reitung, Rechnen, Nota, Raitung, Note, Faktura, Etat Forumsdiskussionen, die den Suchbegriff enthalten Rechnung USA Letzter Beitrag: 27 Jun.

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Guatemala edit There are more than 100 community radio stations operating in Guatemala, but the indigenous communities don't have explicit rights to use radio frequencies, though their right to exist is guaranteed by the country's Peace Accords. The old breed of community radio stations could raise funds by selling airtime and by receiving donations or grants. 1 A 2002 report found that 20,000 Australians (or.1 percent of the population) were involved as volunteers in the community radio sector on a regular basis, and volunteers account for more than 145 million in unpaid work each year. This landmark document urged the government to create a three-tier structure of broadcasting in India by adding non-profit community radio to the already existing state-owned public radio and private commercial radio. Even after 1990, state governments were slow in relinquishing monopoly control of radio broadcasting. He made Radio Sagarmatha very popular through unique radio programmes among its listeners during his 15 years service and left it after playing vital role to develop it as Station Manager for four years.

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In the struggle to institute the same, a movement began in 1991, organizing itself in the form of a forum, in 1994 the judiciary gave a vowable vote to the establishment of radios and their proponents to become legal. An Agreement for Mutual Co-operation was established in 2008 by craol; this ensures that the signatories (which include all fully licensed stations) share successful funding applications, training materials and policies. Der Milliardenbetrag Adjektive / Adverbien worth billions milliardenschwer Adj. Volunteers are an important part of Radio Sagarmatha's programming and operation. It was institutionalized in 1992. RN stations are owned and operated by franchise holders, who are public-service-oriented communicators in their own right. Community Groups in Chamba, and Rudraprayag, both in Uttarakhand started producing participatory programmes and broadcast over the World Space Satellite Radio network. This organisation is a true reflection of Indias diversity, the multitude of languages and dialects, the varied topography and history. 16 On July 10, 2018, the Federal Senate Plenary approves the power increase from 25 w to 150 w, the effective half of a lower-grade commercial radio. Hari Om Srivastava and mcit, Ethiopia was able to complete the job and hand over all the Community Radio Stations to mcit in September 2015.

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