The Modern Secretary – Replaced or Enchanced by Modern Technology?

Modern technology is replacing a lot of the manual labour in our country. Some types of jobs don’t require a lot of creativity, and requires the human workers to simply repeat the same steps over and over again during the whole workday. This is something that computers are exceptionally good at, and that is why they are taking over in these fields of work. As computers get more powerful, and the programmers are making leaps into the field of Artificial Intelligence, it seems very likely that a lot of other job titles will soon belong to robots and computers instead of humans of flesh and blood. We have interviewed secretary Louise Jensen on the topic of being a “Modern Secretary”, and if she feels the technology enchances her in doing her job, or she feels like it might take over and replace her.

How has modern technology influenced your day-to-day activities?

“One of the things I used to spend a lot of my time on was setting up meetings. People would come by my desk, or call my phone, and tell me they needed a meeting. I would depend on my memory, or a quick look through my notebook, to see if other people had already booked the meeting rooms we had available. Then I would talk back and forth to choose the best location and time for the meeting, as well as making sure everybody’s calendar was free. These days I can handle all that through a Room Scheduling Software. I open the program on my computer, and it shows me everything I need to know, and makes it quick easy to set up meetings. I see this as a good thing – my job is to facilitate people, and setting up meetings took a lot of time. Now that it has been made easier for me, I have more time to focus on my other responsibilities.”

Is there any place where modern technology has replaced your role entirely?

“Maybe not entirely. But with the meeting for example, most people no longer come by my desk to schedule the meeting. They themselves have access to the Meeting Room Booking System, so they can do everything from blocking off a time slot on a specific room to sending out invitations. Some people stil stick to the old ways, and ask me to do it for them, but I do believe this is a place where I won’t be needed in the future. I see that as a good thing though: this way is faster, and it allows me the time to generate value in my other tasks.”

Do you fear that technology will one day fully replace you at your job?

“No, I do not. Computers are great for a lot of things, but there are things we need humans for. My job as a secretary is very focused on interacting with other people, understanding their needs and assisting them the best I can. Computers can’t do that, but they can help me do things faster and thereby have more time available to help.”

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