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monosyllabic adjectives with an a, o, or u add an umlaut in the comparative and superlative. Mit Kontaktlinsen sieht man besser als mit einer Brille, aber mit einer Brille sieht man intelligenter aus als mit Kontaktlinsen. Add -est as opposed to -st after t/d or s-like sounds (sometimes including sch but never ch)youll probably do this right automatically you probably need not memorize when to do it and when not. They must answer 6 questions A-D.

Genitiv Hard to find any examples of comparative with Genitive; even this one is a stretch: Touristen besuchen die Schweiz mehr wegen des Schnees als wegen der Kuckucksuhren. Here 1 point PER question, in this part the candidate needs to fill in the 8 gaps in the text with one word (there may be more than one option). They need to focus on the word class (type grammar -) and spelling. Der Rhein ist lng er als die Mosel. Sterreich ist klein und die Schweiz ist kleiner, aber Liechtenstein ist am kleinsten.

Use a form of der/das/die with the superlative if it is right in front of a noun. . A or. Ein tapf ererer Hund als Lassie ist schwer zu finden. Zielgruppe AlleErwachseneKinder / Jugendliche, niveau AlleA1A2B1B2, bereich / Inhalt AlleFuturindirekte / AdjektivdeklinationKonjunktiv I und mit Themenzweiteilige Konnektoren schnell. It is a text of grammar and vocabulary. Sterreich hat hher e Berge als Deutschland. Kln ist gr er als Garmisch Partenkirchen. An example of when you cant use der/das/die after the verb seinhard to explain why. Download (pdf b1, grammatik / Prpositionen mit Genitiv, technik im Alltag, Kommentar schreiben.

Part 6: 2 points PER question, in this part of the exam the candidate must read 4 short texts (usually reviews). Meine Studenten sind jnger als ich. You can repeat options (A-D). The candidate should focus on vocabulary and grammar around the text and especially sequencing words. IT IS also worth noting that IF there ARE TWO very similar options A-G. Most people know Minnesota as the spam capital of the world. Here, fREE PDF, cAE (C1) KEY word transformations, try the deleting technique. Die Backstreet Jungen sind schn/schlimm, und die In Sync Jungen sind  schner/schlimmer, aber die 98 Grad Jungen sind am schnsten/am schlimmsten.

Alt lter (and ltest- jung jnger, kalt klter, warm wrmer, gro grer,   kurz krzer, lang lnger, arm rmer, schwach weak schwcher, stark strong strker, klug smart klger BUT toll toller, faul fauler, laut lauter, voll voller, nass nasser, bunt. Other nouns involved in the statement of the comparison, such as those italicized in the Nominative examples above, may be in a different case. . Twitter, linkedIn, everyone Can Be a Great Writer. Unlike in English, it can never be formed by meist- adjective. Here 1 point PER question, in this part of the exam the candidate is given the most basic form of a word. YOU must remember that THE options A-D CAN repeat! It is important to highlight the key part of the text and analyse the grammar and vocabulary to discard the incorrect answers. Practice Exercises Comparative: Formation Always form comparative by adding -er. Dativ Warum geben unsere Eltern dir mehr Geschenke als mir? Note the slight variations on this for adjectives ending in -e, -er, or -el. .

A fun note: it is possible for a word to end in -ererer: it needs to be an adjective ending in -er preceded by a consonant (e.g. A A great way to improve your reading skills is to enhance your vocabulary. Download (pdf) B1 Grammatik / Temporalstze bung: Konnektoren: als, nachdem, whrend, wenn. Du bist grer als ich, NOT Du bist grer als mich. The candidate has 7 options (A-G what they have to do is fill in the gaps in the text.

Seven common adjectives/adverbs (viel, gut, gern, gro, hoch, nah, bald) have irregular comparative and/or superlative forms. Emails and Messages, gmail. Please follow the link to the explanation of adjective endings if you have questions about how to determine the adjective ending! In sterreich sind die Berge hher als in Deutschland. Two of the questions are easier because they tell you where to look, do these two first. Liechtenstein ist ein kleiner es Land. Those italicized nouns all happen to be Accusative. What the candidate should do is read the text just for a general understanding of the text, we call this reading for gist. Heiter cheerful Charlie Brown war ein saub ererer Junge als Pigpen. Click here for more details and examples.

Steffi Graf kennt Andre Agassi besser als ich. Since comparisons are most often expressed in sentences using the verb sein, or in which both nouns being compared are the subject of the verb, both nouns being compared are typically in the Nominative. Then they should look before and after the gaps for clued and specific words, then compare them to the options A-G. Steffi knows Andre better than. Nominativ Heidi Klum ist eine schnere Frau als Rumpelstilzchen. To describe things that are increasing or decreasing continuously, use immer comparative : Die Bevlkerung Deutschlands wird immer lter. Je lter die Bevlkerung wird, um so weniger Geld gibt es fr die Renten. Schn schn er, klein klein er, alt lt er, interessant interessant er, leicht leicht er, oft ft er, dumm dmm er bs e bs er, leis e leis er, dunk el dunkl er, eit el vain eitl er, teu er teur er but.g. In Deutschland regnet es am meisten. For those of you who have done the FCE B2 exam, many of the parts will be familiar to you.

An alternative option is to start with text A and then think of which question/statement might refer to it and then repeat with all of the texts, then you can go over the texts that you are unsure. Schn schn st, klein klein st, leise leise st, teuer teuer st,   dunkel dunkel st, riesig riesig st, trocken trocken st, schrecklich schrecklich st alt lt est, interessant interessant est, laut laut est, gesund gesnd est, feucht feucht. Follow up activity( 110 expressions FOR KEY word transformations FOR THE CAE (C1) You should write down the answers and the commpn vocabulary. YOU ARE left with, nO matter, aND ALL YOU need TO DO IS think OF THE synonym FOR. Click here for examples and more info. The use of English and reading part of the exam lasts for 90 minutes in total. It is, however, possible for the comparative to be used with other cases: Meine Mutter mag dich lieber als mich. . Unlike in English, the comparative can never be formed by mehr adjective. Do not begin with the text, start with the questions and search for key information. You should review the explanation of adjective endings if the previous sentence did not make sense to you!

Reverso Corporate bersetzungen auf Italienisch, Portugiesisch, Hollndisch, Hebrisch, Trkisch, Polnisch und mehr, mit Beispielen im Kontext und Synonymen. Sometimes the sentence can be completed with only 2 words or more that 6 but these answers are not valid as the task stated 3-6 words. Examples: Morgenstern war ein heit ererer Mann als Kafka. Open cloze (part 2) USE OF english FOR THE FCE (B2) AND CAE (C1). Click here for details. Zurck nach oben Important Details Note that for superlatives used with am, the adjective ending will always be -en. Kln ist eine grer e Stadt als Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Write them in a list like put up with tolerate so that in order as long as provided that, part 5: 2 points PER question, in this part of the exam the candidate needs to read the extract. Unlike in English, it can never be formed by meist- adjective. . You need to answer all of the parts of the text but you can do it in the order that you like (start with the parts you find easiest). Download (pdf a1, A2, B1, grammatik / Verbliste, unregelmige Verben (Netzwerk A1-B1). Another example of when you cant use der/das/die after the verb seinagain, hard to explain why. Click here for examples and more details.

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