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original place for editors to comment on and discuss Wikipedia, although the "Wikipedia" project space has since taken over most of that role. Essays, information pages, and other informal pages that are only supported by a small minority of the community may be moved to the primary author's userspace over deletion. This discussion should be on one talk page, with invitations to that page at the talk pages of the various affected pages; otherwise the corrections may still contradict each other. Ilias-Server der FH Aachen. Where essay pages offer advice or opinions through viewpoints, information pages should supplement or clarify technical or factual information about Wikipedia in an impartial way.

Essays like information pages have no official status, and do not speak for the Wikipedia community as they may be created and edited without overall community oversight. It is, naturally, bad practice to recommend a rejected practice on a policy or guideline page. Discussion may be closed as one of: Promote, No consensus, or Failed. Policies are standards all users should normally follow, and guidelines are generally meant to be best practices for following those standards in specific contexts. Consider the strength of the proposed page: Have major concerns raised during the community discussion been addressed? Lazarsfeld,., Berelson,., Gaudet,.

Others serve as noticeboards to draw attention to discussions taking place elsewhere, such as the centralized discussions page and various requests for comments pages. Literaturverzeichnis Korrekt zitierte bersicht deiner verwendeten Quellen sowie relevante weiterfhrende Literatur, die fr deine Bachelorarbeit interessant sein knnte. Contents, derivation, further information: Wikipedia:Administration  Human and legal administration, wikipedia is operated by the not-for-profit. Du brauchst deine eigenen Inhalte nur noch in die fertige Struktur einzutragen. Essays the author does not want others to edit, or that contradict widespread consensus, belong in the user namespace. Your Transfer Services, thomas Fosco and Daniela Mller.

Schlgt alternative Formulierungen vor. Expect editors to use common sense. These editor- and bot-generated pages typically contain articles and other pages requiring maintenance or attention. For additional resources, or if you have any questions, please visit the WikiProject Council. Similar shortcuts are also used for other types of project page like essays and how-to guides. If an editor violates the community standards described in policies and guidelines, other editors can persuade the person to adhere to acceptable norms of conduct, over time resorting to more forceful means, such as administrator and steward actions. Be as concise as possiblebut no more concise. Expos bedeutet Darstellung, das Wort, expos kommt aus dem Franzsischen und bedeutet auf Deutsch Darstellung.

Minor edits to improve formatting, grammar, and clarity may be made at any time. For this reason, redirects and hatnotes are often set up between these two namespaces. Wissensdatenbank knnen dir helfen! In comparison to policies and guidelines, information pages, like essay pages, have a limited status, and can reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting. The community's view cannot simultaneously be "A" and "not A".

WikiProject pages See TfM Pages of a WikiProject are the central place for editor collaboration and organization on a particular topic area. Expos Vorlage als.docx Beispiel Expos einer Bachelorarbeit Wir haben fr dich ein Beispiel erstellt, das sich genau an der Struktur eines Exposs orientiert. Creation of new guideline and policy pages require discussion and a high level of consensus from the entire community before publication (see WP:proposal for procedural details). Essays can be long monologues or short theses, serious or funny, informative or opinionated. Others developed as solutions to common problems and disruptive editing.

All editors are welcome to comment on these proposals. This policy page specifies the community standards related to the organization, life cycle, maintenance of, and adherence to policies, guidelines, and related pages of the. Namespace history The Wikipedia namespace began after the January 2002 release of the Phase II software. Role, further information: Wikipedia:The difference between policies, guidelines and essays. These pages are marked with the policy, guideline or MoS guideline template. For summaries of key policies, see also. It does not cover other editions of Wikipedia. On discussion pages and in edit summaries, shortcuts are often used to refer to policies and guidelines. If consensus is neutral or unclear on the issue and unlikely to improve, the proposal has likewise failed.

Try to avoid creating new pages unnecessarily. For the politics WikiProject, see. Instead, you should give a substantive reason for challenging it and, if one hasn't already been started, open a discussion to identify the community's current views. Can the new proposed guideline or policy be merged into an existing one? To update best practices, you may change the practice directly ( you are permitted to deviate from practice for the purposes of such change ) and/or set about building widespread consensus for your change or implementation through discussion. Project namespace banners See Wikipedia:Template messages/Wikipedia namespace for a listing of Wikipedia namespace banners. Additionally, the shortcut is not the policy ; the plain-English definition of the page's title or shortcut may be importantly different from the linked page. Current policy and guideline proposals can be found in Category:Wikipedia proposals, and failed proposals can be found in Category:Wikipedia failed proposals.

There is no need to read any policy or guideline pages to start editing. To avoid later complaints about insufficient notice, it may be helpful to provide a complete list of the groups or pages you used to advertise the proposal on the talk page. For example, Wikipedia:Reliable sources says newspaper articles are generally considered to be reliable sources, and Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine) recommends against newspaper articles for certain technical purposes. Bold editors of policy and guideline pages are strongly encouraged to follow WP:1RR or WP:0RR standards. There is a large amount of overlap between the Help namespace (which provides mainly technical information) and the Wikipedia namespace (which provides mainly procedural information and interpretation). Beim Schreiben des Exposs gibt es einige Stilregeln, die es zu beachten gilt. Make it clear when links defer, and when they do not. Make sure that a notice of the request is posted to the talk page of the affected project.

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